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Artist Biography

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"I love to paint people that look like me; there are so many other colors present amongst the brown hues, and I try to highlight that"

Angel Allen (b. 1995, New Orleans, Louisiana) is an African- American emerging artist living and working in Brittany, France. She is primarily an oil painter, but enjoys creating with other mediums, such as clay, as an extension of her paintings.

Angel uses black people in her work to represent the African diaspora. However, the stories behind each painting can resonate with many.

Angel's art is a visual interpretation of the common man's emotions and thoughts. Her style is characterized by soft hues and strong figurative symbolism to highlight those emotions. She uses minimal elements around the main figure as a way to facilitate the main theme without eyes diverging too far from the main figure.


Artist Statement

Over the past four years as a professional oil painter, my art has gone through transformative stages and has evolved into a visual style that mimics my artistic self.


My subjects represent the African diaspora, but the stories that lie behind each painting is one that anybody from any walk of life can relate to.


The style of my work is characterized by vibrant skin tones, adding hints of magenta, oranges, and blue hues. Skin color is my attraction. I mostly focus on personal and relatable topics that can be comprehended in my work, but being someone who likes to bring ease to serious conversations, I like to add symbolic elements that 'soothes' the story.

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