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Feeling and Emotion Through Art

"To awaken human emotion is the highest level of art"

- Isadora Duncan


  When I began my journey to becoming an artist, I didn't really know what I wanted to paint. I mean, I painted everything! There were things I knew I loved-- like architecture, nature, animals, people--but at the beginning I felt like there was nothing I was driven to enough, emotionally.

I would like to consider myself someone very in touch with my emotions, and likewise would "like" to consider myself in touch with others' too. The thing is that how one perceives another to be feeling isn't always correct. That is because we all have different emotions, and just one emotion can trigger a plenitude of different feelings. The complexity of the pair is what has driven my work the past couple of years, and now the majority of what I paint is my physical representation of emotions, and people in these moments of human feeling. What I find so powerful about emotion and feeling is the ability to, in most cases, recognize it, connect to it, and then react to it. It's a universal language.


  Art is provocative! It begs for a response, and it's often answered by the viewer in the form of an initial (and sometimes subconscious) emotional experience, followed by a conscious feeling. This is what drives me to create what I do--to orchestrate that mental connection between painting and man. It's not an easy task, as my interpretation of one emotion may not be that of another's. However, art is meant to be interpreted, and the fact that there can be different responses to one piece of art is what makes me highly interested and passionate in the work that I do.

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