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Home Sweet Studio!

Welcome to my very new, crispy clean (not for very long) home studio! Nicely nestled in a quaint little town in the west of France.

As many artists may be able to relate, there was nothing extremely glamorous about my work spaces for the first few years of my career. I began in a small corner of a dining room, then to a desk in my bedroom, a kitchen counter (had to be very creative with this one), and a small space in another bedroom.

Finally, I have a home studio in a spare room in a cute little house where my husband and furry grey cat live with me. This room was a significant upgrade from my other workspaces, so planning out the layout was a fun challenge. I hope you enjoy what I did with the space, and I can't wait to begin this new chapter in my career!

The Painting Corner

Painting corner. The house sits on a cliff, so whenever my eyes need a break from what I'm working on, a beautiful view awaits beyond those windows! It's definitely the reason I chose this part of the room for painting.

The Desk

The Desk. The desk is nestled in the back corner of the room, where a protruding wall feels like a separation from the painting area. I can get distracted quite easily, so facing a wall and distancing myself from the other elements of the room allows me to stay concentrated.

The Chill/Expo Corner

Chill/Expo corner. You may remember these two paintings! They were on a ship heading from Martinique to mainland France for just about over a month (thanks to strikes!); I was so worried about their state upon retrieval but they are perfectly fine!

Supply Shelves

The supply shelves. This actually holds more than my painting supplies. Sometimes in order to recharge my mind and avoid any artist block, I have other artistic outlets like pottery, punch needle, and jammin' on the ukulele!

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